CKTI-Vibroseism Ltd. (CVS) is a research and development engineering company established in 1992 and specialized in antiseismic design and vibrational safety of Nuclear and Conventional power plants.

The company grew up from the Laboratory of seismic and dynamic reliability of NPP and FPP energy equipment in CKTI (Polzunov Institute), the 1st laboratory of this kind in the former USSR. Since 1978 the Laboratory and CVS (since 1992) are working on improving seismic safety and dynamic reliability of nuclear and conventional power plants, as well as different objects of chemical, oil and heavy industry in the former USSR, in Europe, Asia and America.

CKTI-Vibroseism holds a license of Federal Supervision Board of Russia for design of equipment of nuclear stations; IAEA certificates, and other necessary licenses and certificates for specific activities, which are carried out according to the Quality Assurance program in compliance with ISO-9001 and Russian statutory requirements. CVS is responsible for a number of IAEA, European Community, UK DTI, U.S. DOE programs regarding safety of VVER and RBMK reactors. CVS president Dr. Victor Kostarev is a member of ASME International BPVC Nuclear Power Subcommittee and Piping Working Group developing new nuclear standards for worldwide application.


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