Service life extension of a safety related NPP pipeline with maximal postulated initial crack under operational vibration.

Vibration Elimination of the Main Steam Piping Flow Induced Vibration (Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, 2000).

PSD vibration spectra of the main steam line safety relief valve at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant prior and after dampers installation.

Installation of VD dampers for operational vibration and hammers impacts elimination (Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant, Finland).

Vibration power spectral density (PSD) prior and after dampers installation.

Implementation of HV Dampers for Buildings and Structures (Protection from external dynamic events: Seismic, Airplane Crash, Blast)

Comparison of enveloped response spectra for the NPP Reactor Building from seismic, blast and plane crash external events loads prior and after interconnection of structures by dampers.