CKTI-VIBROSEISM possesses licensed software for solving a wide range of dynamic and static problems, among them are the following:

  1. dPIPE - pipe flexibility and stress analysis software developed by CKTI-VIBROSEISM and used for static and dynamic analysis of nuclear and industrial piping;
  2. ANSYS, SOLVIA, LS-DYNA – multipurpose FE programs for structural analysis of any kind of equipment or structures;
  3. FEMAP – all-round FE pre- and postprocessor;
  4. ACS SASSI – program for Soil-Structure Interaction analysis;
  5. CVSpec-TH – program for generation of acceleration time-histories from response spectra and handling the response spectra.

Development of finite element scheme (low pressure heater)

Nuclear Power Plant building pool. Fluid – structure interaction, identification of surface wave parameters.
Model of Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Building (VVER-1000) for performing extreme loads analysis.
Model of Servo-Driven Isolation Valve to identify operability under dynamic impact.
A partial model of NPP’s “Turbogenerator– Vibro and Seismoisolation Pedestal-Building - Soil” system.
Low pressure cylinder of Nuclear Power Plant powerful turbogenerator.
Stress Intensity Distribution in NPPs High Pressure Turbine Cylinder.